January 1998 / Volume One / Issue One
Michael Bosau
        I look down and realize
my nose has been bleeding all over my shirt
Fuckin' coke
          always makes my nose bleed
   I'll just ignore it, it'll go away
Everyone in the bar is staring at me
   I start to cry uncontrollably
   not from embarassment
but from a sharp image I've just had of when I was a little boy.
          She wiggles in front of me
    and begins licking and biting the bar so hard
                                              that she starts getting long wooden
splinters buried deep in her ugly tongue
   I get a sharp pain in my chest
and think that I am having a heart attack
when my stomach erupts with a loud gurgling sound
   I vomit all over the floor
splashing on my shoe and pant leg
   As I look up           she licks something off my chin and
                                     kisses my tears away
   All the while whispering
I know, I know, I know...( )
until finally I notice that she's been
wiping her ass with a flyer I've just handed her
    Are you in this band she sighs so softly
    I get an erection
    I wanted to respond with a gentle
  while I stroked her long soft curls as she began
  to suck on my thumb with the dirty nail
              No you fuckin' bitch I screamed uncontrollably
  as I smashed her pretty white face as hard as I could
            I became extremely annoyed when the blood from her nose
exploded on my face
  So I grabbed the beer I'd been milking and walked out of the bar
  with one of her teeth still stuck in my knuckle
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