April 1998 / Volume One / Issue Two
David Bates
Ounce of Effort

A 6-pack
A keg of gunpowder and
A human cannon

That's how the Beer Boys
                 get to Heaven

A 6-pack
A gallon of gasoline and
A steel garbage can

Will launch you high enough
to seed the clouds
so it rains
          watered down bourbon

Either way
you've got to
light the fuse w/a poem

A six pack
A litre of redwine and
the human condition

is enough to make you
try anything w/gunpowder
put any thing in a g.can
burn anything w/a poem

But the Beer Boys don't need Heaven

And the rain will always be only Rain

And you can't do anything about the human condition
                                               but try.
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