January 2003 / Volume Four / Issue One
David Bates
Dream Sequence #18

about 100 of us
herded into a room
w/a high ceiling
& gigantic doors
flourescent light rods
and sharp corners that
tuck us into each other

the doors bolt and an
Army Sergeant
tells us that we’re going to war

           and we can’t leave now
           because we might not
           come back

so there we are unpacked & expected for dinner

when suddenly a hatch opens in the floor
and a pilot emerges his teeth as shined as his
pin-on wings and belt buckle

we’re gonna hafta jump for it

the doors open and we’re
a mile over the ocean
every one is caught in the crowd
as we begin to
empty into the sky
body by body by body

          “ya know,” the kid beside me says
          “f/this high up, I hear the water’s as hard as concrete”

he tries to smile but
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