April 1998 / Volume One / Issue Two
Jeffry Andrasovsky

The jukebox growls
An angry young man
Complains of life unfair
People huddle closely at the tables
Enjoying each others' glow
Drinking, and risking tomorrow
For a little comfort today
Growing in loudness and intensity as the night unfolds
Competeing with the speakers
The collisions of billiard balls
Clanging bottles and glasses
The steady blues hum
A transformer
In a neon light
The shape of a blue guitar
A piano suts upon a small stage behind the bar
No one plays it anymore
A monument to time gone by
Perhaps a ghost pounds the keys after hours
When there's no one here
Traffic in the street
Pours inside
As the front door creaks open
Drawing attention momentarily
'Til curiosity satisfied
The level of chatter resumes
The barmaid
Gentle friend
To some the one and only
Uncaps a beer
Foams up the neck
Over the spout
A pool of suds upon the counter
It's Friday
And the pent-up energy of another week
Is releasing
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