July 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Four
Joel Van Noord
Stranded in April

At the same time I read a caption of how Asian
dolphins are dying from pollution in unnamed rivers I
can see a picture of astronauts in orange jump-suits
smiling toothpaste commercial smiles with stubby
thumbs raising a salute in elephant gloves.
What am I to think of this?

I also wonder if the same people protesting the
removal of a feeding tube for a comatose woman with a
15 year old brain injury are the same people
celebrating astronauts or protesting toxic rivers in
America or Asia. And what is their connection to the
anti-war protests and 100,000+ dead woman and children
in Iraq.

I too rationalize apathy and conjure false pretense
for emotion.

Iíve heard they implemented a subsidy for anyone
willing to enter a persistent vegetable state.

But thatís nothing new. In London I learned the
progression of the most important buildings goes from
Church to State to Business.

I spent a winter farther south than I ever have

And my crazy mind has attributed less snow and warmer
temperatures to Climate Change.

I studied that in school.

But now, no one will pay me to express what Iíve

Wander random streets in pursuit of confrontations
that will give meaning to the emptied.
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