July 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Four
John Sweet
plane falling from 30,000 feet

it's only a small field
in another state

it's only the bodies of
the two young girls found there

my children asleep and a
storm moving in and the woman
next door standing on the sidewalk and
screaming into a phone

says no one fucks with her kids

like maybe the war is over

like maybe we've won

all the dead soldiers in their
indifferent graves and all of the
sons and daughters they raped thrown
into a pile at the edge of town

set on fie maybe or maybe left
for the dogs and it's only
a rock dropped from a freeway bridge

it's only the face of the bride
split in two

her past left facing her future
but seeing nothing

seeing the sky through the eyes of
two young girls found
dead in a field

impossible and blue and
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