The current e-mail address for submissions and contact is


The former HOTMAIL address will be maintained, but is no longer
considered trustworthy.

If you suspect your contact or submission has not been received, please re-send to the address above.
First, I’d like to thank every author who has trusted me with their work, whether it was accepted or not. It takes guts to put your work in harm’s way, and I give serious consideration to every submission. Poetry publications may be a beast of their own, but they certainly wouldn’t exist without the poets.

Submissions are accepted year-round. Please read the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES and browse around before submitting. Get a collective feel for the MFB attitude and perspective.

Response time is about a month. If it’s been more than a month, feel free to contact MFB regarding the status of your submission.

Not currently accepting manuscripts for chapbooks.

I often comment on rejections if I feel I can articulate myself. I don’t pull punches and I don’t pat bottoms. But I do try to be honest and constructive. Often it’s simply a matter of the work not fitting my vision for the issue. Nothing personal.

David Bates
                                                                           My Favorite Bullet
WARNING: Ignore the Submission Guidelines at your own peril.
They’re pretty standard, except for a few points of personal taste.
If you believe it’s a fair exchange to request my time and attention without sacrificing a moment or two of your own, then so be it.
MFB is seeking FREE-FORM poetry.

NO MORE RHYMES (and I mean it)
Even if it's the greatest poem yet written. Even if Shaespeare emerged from his grave to weep over the sheer absolute beauty of it. No Rhyme No Rhyme No Rhyme.

Structures such as 
repetition, listing, and choruses are also highly discouraged.

It would be irresponsible of me not to mention that if your work contains reference to poetry, being a poet, or the act of writing poetry, the chance of publication drops to about .00001%
Sorry folks, it just doesn't get me off any more.
No Simultaneous Submissions

No Previously/Currently Published Work

Submit 3 - 5 poems at a time, in a single submission.
Not one poem, not 54 poems, not in 3-5 separate e-mails.

Rights remain with author
It’s still your work.

E-Mail submissions only– MUST include the word “submission” in the subject


Copy/Paste into the body of the e-mail.

I cannot promise I will view your work if it has an unsolicited attachment.

Single-Space your work
. Spare the Fancy Fonts and Oversized Text
I find double-spaced manuscripts distracting, and manually reformatting for publication is decidedly tiresome.

Prrofread Profreed Proofread

Triple-check your work.
Assume that it will be the version published.
Use “Spell-Check” but don’t trust the program (form & from are both correctly spelled...
and there’s a stinking difference between “to” and “too” as well as “its” and “it’s”)

Submit only once per issu
But feel free to submit to every issue.
Do NOT, however, re-submit material I’ve already rejected.

Provide your name as you want it to appear with your work

Yes, even if your Hotmail Quick-Name really is your real name.


Published work will be archived indefinitely. This is an important aspect of MFB.
Authors who are not willing to have their work archived will not be published
If someone Googles you, your work will likely be found

Future removal from the archives will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
Legitimate requests are honored, but further submissions will not be accepted.

Not liking the poem anymore is
NOT a legitimate excuse.