January 2005 / Volume VI / Issue I
Matt Smith

Shining In The Dust

so, we were in this adult bookstore
my friend and I . . . we’d been drinking
and staying up for a few days . . .
this place sold those stainless steel
cock rings . . . you know, the kind that fit
around the whole unit . . . so we bought a couple.
it was all we could afford . . . 

we went back to his place and put them on.  
I took his bicycle out to the beer store
with our remaining funds . . . 
the cock ring was kind of harsh
on that bike seat . . . I could feel it
twisting and turning . . . I pulled up to a stop light
and just as I put my left foot down . . .
the cock ring rolled out of my cut-off shorts
and went bling bling on the pavement
. . . a carload of Salem College girls
saw the whole thing . . .

one of them said oh my god . . .
so I reckon they knew what it was . . . 
I wouldn’t give them the pleasure
of seeing me get down on the ground to retrieve it 
so I looked straight ahead and rode off . . .
leaving that cock ring shining in the dust