October 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Five
Grag Scharf
Losers Like Winners for Two and a Half Weeks

Those nights we spent
at that Montebello motel
living off 49 cent fast food tacos
and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer,
hiding from your husband
just out of jail
while your two kids
stayed with an out-of-state uncle

I laid you flat on your stomach
and fucked you how
you liked it,
and then we drank some more
and watched free porno
on the 13 inch TV

and then we fucked some more

this cycle repeating
with subtle but inventive variations
for close to two and a half weeks

I didn't have a job.
You were on welfare.
I drank too much beer.
You snorted too much crystal.
Both of us teenage parents

We made half-way house inhabitants
look like yuppies

and were easily in the running
for King and Queen Loser
of LA County,

but fuck those few weeks
were magic.

I doubt the "winners"
ever experience anything
quite like it.