May 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Three
Greg Scharf
Among the Hunted in Huntington Beach, California

In the city
where little boys
throw rocks
at swans
floating stupidly
in manmade ponds
while their parents
in even-tempered
about god
as if god
lived two blocks east
of Beach Boulevard
and was coming
with fruit salad
to next Sunday’s

through the streets
of this city
I ride
a rusty bike,
and spit on a truck
that almost
murders me
in the intersection
at PCH
and Goldenwest.
Two teenage boys
flip me off,

Minutes later
as I pedal down
I hear their truck
speeding down the street
behind me,
and then slow
as it gets close.

I can feel
the pain
in the back
of my head
before the half-full
water bottle
even hits me.

I knew
they wouldn't miss.
How could they
after all those years
of practice.
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