January 2005 / Volume VI / Issue I
Greg Scharf

When I was a dumb teenager without condoms at a drive-in

The first time
I fucked Michelle
was at a drive-in
somewhere near
Huntington Park
malt liquor and weed
spinning my head
like my head
was a young child
with a loose grip
on a playground
“Children of the Corn”
was on the big screen
psycho blond
girls and boys
with burning
bright eyes
from a metal box
to a steamed up
passenger window
as she laid
in the passenger seat
and I climbed
on top of her
and gave the shocks
a good workout.

We finished
and I stumbled
from her lowrider
into the bathroom
and stood on tiptoes
to wash my dick
in the sink
while some kid
walked in
and laughed
and asked,
“Does that work?”
I said, “Shit,
I don’t know.
Doesn’t it?”