March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
Aaron Sanders
A Pink Chalk Edict

The Revolution has come
And I have to admit
I expected a little more than this.
I don't know. . .
More marching. . .
A credo. . .
A riot or two. . .
A folk song recorded by the ghost of John Lennon. . .
Nudity. . .
Love making . . .
A candlelight vigil for truth . . .
A concert that defines the passions of a generation. . .
A documentary about the misguided youth. . .

Maybe it's happening and I can't see it.
It somehow got lost in the information overload.

Or perhaps our American Gandhi is mute.
Starving and unnoticed,
On the good path but misquoted
By those who would gain from our tragedy.
And by that I mean
The growth of our ego
And the losing of our humanity.
Because I believe that forgiveness
Has got to be more powerful than war. . .
Settling our differences
Must be better
Than settling the score. . .

The trouble must be that
We're not entirely right
And they're not all wrong.
And trying to find the middle ground
Has brought more than one revolutionary down.
Maybe I'm just disenchanted
Or it all got lost in a good intentions overload.

Nothing's worse than nothing happening.

Nothing never filled the void.

The revolution has come. A quiet riot of angels
Burning inside out.
The new flower children
Struck dumb with doubt.
Peacemakers in all the wrong places.
Devastation tattooed in our eyes.
Love obviously absent from the faces.
And I'm not sure which irony
To be most upset with anymore.
Who to save. . .
Who to believe. . .
Who to join. . .

A cacophony might as well be silence.
Lost in a reactionary overload. . .
Isn't that the same mistake they made?
Where is the language of hope?

The revolution has come.
A pink chalk edict on cold stone.
It is sitting in the rain.
It is washing away.
Fading to grey.
A painful metaphor.

The revolution has come.
That's what they say.
Maybe it's happening
And I can't see it.
But I expected more.