March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
C. Allen Rearick
Top Story News Flash

In the news
last night
some old man
sadistically murdered
a little girlís
prized puppy

drowned it in a
near by creek
of the metro parks
because it was
barking too much
or too loud

the next day
at work
everyone was up in arms
over the little girlís feelings
the loss of her puppy
and chattering
about the manís
inexcusable actions
and questioning
what he may have done
had the dog been
some boisterous
young child

with the exception
of that little girl
I wanted to scorn them all

the news team
the girlís father
my co-workers

rip off their flesh
drown them in the river as well
wail in their faces about
the endless deaths
of innocent little children
over in iraq and afghanistan
and other war torn
or famine stricken
or power corrupt countries

but I didnít

I kept it all
to myself

whatís more news worthy
and important than
the love and loss
of a little girlís