Maurice Oliver
March 2005
Eventually, A Horse
Volume Three: Sonic Mulch
Unpredictable Velocity
July 2005
Scene Where The Hillside Gets Bulldozed
Topography, Or Explosion's Burping Edge
June 2008
A Slick Tool & Vaseline
The "Standby Ticket" Sonnet
Maurice Oliver spent almost a decade working as a
freelance photographer in Europe. Then, in 1995, he
made a lifelong dream reality by traveling around the
world for eight months, recording his experiences in a
journal instead of photographs. And so began his
desire to be a poet. His poetry has appeared in The
Potomac Journal, Circle Magazine, Bullfight Review,
Tryst3 Journal, The MAG, Eye-Shot, The Surface, One
Forty Two Magazine, Word Riot, Retort
Magazine(Australia), Taj Mahal Review(India), Stride
Magazine(UK),& online at,, & He
lives in Portland, Oregon where he is a tutor.