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-S I T E    C O N T E N T S-
fun w/flies. the pull of destiny. roof god. miss teen america contest.
a conversation.
go-carting. the silverfish travel... less than 12 items. almost jekyll.
by the eggs, aisle 12.
journey to drako. the cake! free on modays.
surrogate muses.
bad day for beetles.
the most human. free-range babysitter saturday afternoon.
the new restaurant. new tv shows.
contender for the belt. sometimes it works. new experiences. alone, monday night. tapestry.
cooking class. time again.
shrill bark. not described. report from earth. strain theory.
foreign aid. birthday party.
the goring of an innocent. "King Ghidorah on my clitora!
ants & generals.
modern health care.
contributions. foreign policy is the name of the show.
less important things.
barflies in watering-holes. born again, and again. hawaiian spa.
incomplete metamorphosis. teenagers, these days. resurrection. career choices.
nevermind the romantics. ah, the memories. like father, like son. all mammals produce milk.
warehouse duties.
current political discussions. nearly the partridge festival.
mother's day.
we gotta sort things out. cut down the trees & name roads after them.
customer service. keep that diaphram in, or the early days. the lost years.
dog walking.
eulogy for the living.
a year of violence, 2007. broken glass.
a dose of magic.
1st love, or the soccer field. angles of community service.
an innapropriate sex-education.
Jim, that restless roaming character, is dead.
those beautiful monster dogs.
stressful times. house of cards.
After our arrest...
the recessional coyotes.
little lies.
best of the police blotter.
the sales pitch. the desperados & the bowtie.
recycled stories.
assorted straightjackets. picasso exhibit. the story of hands.
wrong directions. cleveland (number one in misery). keeping up the appearances.
the wrestling fans.
financial casualties.
by Jason Floyd Williams
5.5 x 8.5
Perfect Bound
212 pages
$12 USD
[out of print]
Morse Code Spasms, Ants, and Wal-Mart.
m o r l o c k   f o r e c a s t
Selected Poems 1998-2003