Hayes on Market Street
by Glen Chesnut
Jonathan Hayes
July 2004
September 2004
Open Window
January 2005
July 2005
New Girlfriend
At the Desk
Love on Market Street
July 2006
After the Ballgame
The Blue Rose
February 2013
The Dog
The Toughest Poet on Market Street
February 2014
At the Yard
Having the Last Word
Jonathan Hayes lives on Nob Hill in San Francisco, California. He is the editor and publisher of the long-running American small press magazine, Over the Transom.

He's the author of the book-length poem,
T(HERE) (Silenced Press; 2010); Nippon: Drinking Sake and Staring at Fireflies in the August of Cicadas (Mel C. Thompson Publishing; 2012) and American Haiku (Mel C. Thompson Publishing; 2013)