Andrew Yves Aulino
May 2004
What it Really Means to Table
September 2004
On Speaking Engish with a Persian at a Restaurant in Bombay
March 2005
An Interruption
October 2005
A Fog of Foxes
January 2006
July 2006
After the End on the Tracks
The Long Wait
Andrew Yves Aulino was born on Andrews Air Force Base (which he was named after), just outside Baltimore, MD in 1979. He spent the next nineteen years crossing the U.S. with his radio-operator parents, whose military jobs took him from Maryland to Las Vegas to Southeastern Virginia and numerous places in between. He ended up in Kent OH, getting a BA in English and German at Kent State University, where he is currently working on an MFA in poetry writing and literary translation...though he hopes to sneak into a different MFA sometime in the next year.