March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
Maurice Oliver
Unpredictable Velocity

Expect a rough ride & plan on landing hard:

or it might be cross-eyed stairs you
can't climb or an amp that goes up to
fifteen. You may have to muscle pass
aimless grease or sneak-in the snaking
line round the block. Then, perhaps
it'll appear as a fingernail clipping of
some spinster or a fine feather floating
in chicken broth. In its shaky claim to
the future it might put on a bathrobe
with saggy sleeves or a nurse's uniform
with scuffed white shoes. In any case, the
story line's the same. The restraining
order is still issued to the stockbroker
while he dines at a buffet. The glint you
see is still a mirror or a glass eye. And
the figurative line in the sand's just a
coil of razor wire. So don't count on a
cozy retirement-plan. Just try to enjoy
your bit-part while your helmet still
rattles & fogs away in a craggy mischance.