July 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Four
Maurice Oliver
Topography, Or Explosion's Burping Edge

Causing the gift to refuse to grow until
luck pushes it forward pass gray towers in
a cold sea mist further on to a welcoming
party of pink elephants holding purple
plastic flowers picked from a petting zoo
where thought becomes a muscular sensation


try a forest that decides to become books &
floors against its better judgment after rain
punches the umbrella in a snow storm then parks
at a carbonated curb only to later turn into
cinder blocks with just the wave of a wand so
the universe can be stuffed into a planetarium


it could resemble a wolf howl on a wintry night
with feathered hooves wearing rat poison under
dusty velvet drapes & last week's shopping list
which most likely is a constellation anyway so
open-wide says the corner vacant lot then cracks
in the sidewalk can have enough breathing room

(or on rarer occasions pour out like shoulders)
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