January 2005 / Volume VI / Issue I
John Menesini

Political Science Fiction

wolves what wear a lamb’s coat of slightly different
political science fiction

kkkarl rove turns over,
belching into a pair of dirty panties balled up in his
fat fist

the hair and bones and teeth
of dead black hookers
collecting by the door

us sen rick santorum
picks his teeth with the splintered femur of some dead

who died at the hands of good old boys what tried to
preserve decency
in dirt yard towns

“god is no nigger, boys,
that’s for damn sure.”

Iscariot got the shit stick
proverbs turn to ash
scattering of grey dry rain on parched rocks

brown yawn
sour in the dawn
bile sunrising lemon pulp teeth smile

paranoid pedestrians break their necks avoiding eye
or fear of strangers smelling hairs on subways

governors show each other their inflamed asses in acts
of challenge
and dominance

their secretaries give themselves acrylic paint enemas
enact colorful streams
emus in three story stripmall office blocks
spraying rainbows out and down the yellow brick walls