January 2001 / Volume Two / Issue One
NOTE: This poem is broken into 3 parts. Click ">" at the bottom of the page to access the next.
Tony R. Meda

On Monday evenings I go home
I visit with my Morn and Dad
I call my Aunt
I call a friend that I always miss
Sometimes I even call Kent
Same story every time
Hugs and kisses
And then they are asleep

This Monday was different
My Dad asked me to go for a drive
Blockbuster and Grandpa's
Needed me for hookup of digital answering machine
I was eager, I see Grandpa once a year

Blockbuster was a success
I dropped the tape in the slot
Sat back in the passenger seat
And I looked forward to Maple Heights
On the way there my Dad and I talked about
If the new Steely Dan album was out yet
My girifriend
If she liked Kent and any distant fUture plans
And Grandpa

Dad said Grandpa is forgetting
Told me "don't be alarmed"
I said that I wouldn't be
After all he is 89
We walked in
I said "hello" and he nodded
I approached to hug and he backed away

His Grandson for 24 yrs 10 months
His youngest grandson
His youngest grandson, forgotten
I hooked up the machine, 1,2,3
He thanked me, told me to come back sometime,
With the man I came with
My Dad
I was startled
I felt like a repair man
I wonder then as I wonder now if my Dad even noticed
We all proceeded into the kitchen
Looking for a screwdriver and a battery
I looked to a clothing rack
I noticed a familiar dress shirt
My Grandpa and I have matching dress shirts
He didn't know who I was
This change will be difficult