January 2006 /Volume Seven / Issue One
Brian McGuigan
they call it 'alopecia'

I've had bald spots
since 8th grade
when I ate
at the girl's table
and the boys
chased me home

at recess
they stood behind me
pressed the spot
near my left ear
made a ringing noise
like a doorbell's
and ran away

sometimes they knocked
said delivery
and laughed
or called me a leopard
a dalmatian
anything with spots
asked why I had them
did my barber have the shakes

if I told them stress
they'd laugh about that too
ask what I really had
to be stressed about
and I was sure
they could give me something

if I ever go to a reunion
I wonder what they'd say
if they'd have new jokes
thought of anything else
that rings
or has spots

and I'd be waiting
for a knock at the door
with a smile