July 2006/Volume Seven/Issue Two
Tracie McBride
Quarter Acre Paradise

This is the perfect first home.
Three bedrooms, a run for the
dog, a double garage,  there’s
even a pine tree out the
front for the kids to climb.  And
of course, you can’t go past that
view.  It’s even better at
night, with the town all lit up.
Now, let me show you around
inside.  Yes, the bathroom and
toilet are separate.  You’ve
got to have that, with a young
family.  You’ll notice the
natural timber walls, a
typical feature of the
Lockwood home.  They go with all
colours and styles of décor,
and there’s no need to paint or
wallpaper.  And madam, if
you feel the need to bash your
children senseless against these
walls, the blood washes right off.