January 2005 / Volume VI / Issue I


I was drunk.  I didnít want this.
My hands tied together by the phone cord
you led me like your puppy.
We were being silly
You were drunk too.

I didnít want this to happen
I was in love with someone else
We were playing a game
we just had different rules

My hands were bound
As you brought me to my room
I was drunk
As you tied me to the bed

My body betrayed me, much like
the fashion sense of 14yr old girls betrays them
but any hard dick is just asking to be fucked, right?
a hole and a pulse is all that a man needs, right?
some don't even need that.
I didnít want you to get on top of me
I didnít want our bodies grinding
our crotches kissing.
My ďNoĒ was met with giggles
My ďNoĒ was met with laughter
and hands on my crotch

You were drunk.  I didnít want this.
I was in love with someone else and
I didnít want to cum, but I did.
You riding me like your pet
I said ďNoĒ  I didnít want this
You didn't hear me
My body didn't listen
I thought we were being silly.

You, you didnít even remember it
you didnít understand why I was distant
I remember it though
I remember
every step
every touch, every beat.