March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
Karl Koweski
saucy ladies

I’m sitting on a park
bench next to my wife
and her friend, Sally

the kids run wild
imagining a spaceship
out of a pair of slides
and some monkey bars
I wish I were with them
exploring worlds with
wood chip land surfaces

conversation somehow turns
to sex and my attention
is instantly aroused
Sally says that her
and Marie should sell
“Saucy Lady” products,
a sort of Avon for the
sexually uninhibited

I laugh outright –
Marie won’t even fuck
with the lights on

that’s kind of like the
Amish selling used cars,
I chuckle, nudging my
wife in the ribs

what do you mean
by that?  Marie asks

I don’t have the guts
to tell her Sally doesn’t
fuck with the lights on, either