January 2005 / Volume VI / Issue I
Chris Kornacki

“you’ve got vomit of your shirt”

in line
to buy a beer
and you notice a cute red-head
noticing you.
she’s with
2 friends
and they’re all whispering
into each other’s ears
while looking your way,
and you think
you know her from somewhere
maybe worked at a restaurant together
back when
you used to work in restaurants.
by the time you get to the bar
you decide to go over
and start a conversation–
see if it’ll lead somewhere.
they’re still staring at you
when your buddies
come up
and point at your chest saying: “man, you’ve got vomit
on your shirt!”
looking down
there’s a streak of chunky puke
down the front of your shirt
from 10 minutes early
when you threw up in the bathroom.
you wipe it off
with your hand
then wipe your hand
on your pant leg
as you hear a howl
of laughter
coming from the 3 women
in the corner.