July 2004 / Volume Five / Issue Three / Online
Chris Kornacki
like a bar fight

some people look for hope
in god.

i look for it in the aftermath
of a bar fight.

right after
you receive a couple blows
to the mouth,
a bottle broken over the side
of the head,
and the bouncer picking you up
like an old bag
of trash
so he can use your shoulder
to open
the front door
before tossing you out onto
the street where
you lie for a couple of

itís the moment when you
get up
wipe the blood from
your mouth
and walk over to the nearest bar
for another drink.

yes, some people see hope in god,
but i see it in the aftermath
of a bar fight.

now itís time that i
collect myself,
stand up,
and pick the glass
out of
and move