January 2005 / Volume VI / Issue I
Chris Kornacki

job hunting

after being laid off
for 2 months
it was time to start hunting
for a new job

so i updated my resume
with all the current facts
and got the tone down right
by fictionalizing myself
to look as if
iíd be an asset
to any business

but going around
from store to store
and company to company
has been unnerving
the beauty of being laid off
(if you ignore the slow decay
of your Savings account)
is the freedom of having
no constraints

like an animal in the wild

so with every resume
i pass over
to a store manager
iíve been getting
this uneasy
in the pit of my stomach
because itís like
iím handing them
a loaded gun
and iím not sure
if theyíre going to pull
the trigger