July 2004 / Volume Five / Issue Three / Online
Chris Kornacki
internal clock

i canít seem to judge
lapses of time anymore
and spend the days
the nights
lying on my couch
and whenever i look up
at the clock
6 hours
have passed by

at least while sitting here
i finally got around
to reading all those books
youíre supposed to read
if you want to be considered

but itís time i start
getting out of
the house more

my girlfriend thinks iím
with someone else
Ďcause i never answer
the phone
and iím never out
with my friends
or her
or anyone
for that matter

so i must be here
having some kind
of love affair

though the only love affair
iíve been having lately
is with myself
since frankly
iíve had enough of
and would rather
lie on my couch
and jerk-off for hours
than read another
god-damn sonnet