October 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Five
Ron Kaplan
I Loved You, One Night.

You pull me tight into you
Until I become your arteries
The blood pumping in your veins
Your muscles contracting as we make love

Our chapped lips touch lightly,
Cold but burning from the
Thick, saturated winter air.

The snow is falling, almost in suspension:
Volatile, angry, beautiful.
A white renewal.

You know this is the last time
We will make love
Our sex is angry, powerful.

I feel you entering me
Without softness, without regard.
You want to tear my soul to pieces.

Something to remember you by.

Electrical  current runs through my torso
I stare up at the telephone wires
I see us making love there

The current is electrifying us
As we travel through the thick ropes
Up, down, up down.

Your full, rough lips slam into mine
Press the memory of late night conversations:
"Besos, mi amor. Te quiero."

Your hands travel over my bottom
Memorizing scars; my troubled youth.
My sad story.

I stare at the snow fallen on
Your tightly closed eyelids
They turn into faux tears

You pick up speed
I can feel the muscles in
Your shoulders contract

You grab fistfuls of flesh from my bottom
Throw your head around
Pounding hard with abandon

The snow blankets us from all around
I can feel explosions deep within me
And your screams in the far-off distance


You glance around your shoulder
Searching for voyeurs
I pull you back into me.

People like us do not  care.