September 2004 / Volume Five / Issue Four
Michael Internicola
Getting Fired

i've been fired from almost every job i
ever had. it's always the same. you can
feel it coming. the manager is usually
a prick. the owner doesn't talk to anyone.
you know it's not your fault. your just
in another spot where you weren't supposed
to be in the first place. they make the biggest
production about it, as if they're taking
everything from you. sometimes i just
don't show up and they never call to see
if something happened. they just forget
about you and get a replacement. some pull the
rug out from underneath you unexpectedly.
those one's kill because that's usually the time
when rent is due. some take the time to tell
you you’re a good person but you just didn't
work out. i've never been let down nicely
or laid off with a package. i've never had a
good job like that. those probably feel like
breaking up with somebody. getting fired is
what happens when you have something
better in your life than just paying the rent.
it means your supposed to be doing something
else. i feel sorry for the people who just stick
with it miserable. you spend more time with
these folks than you do the people you care
about. love what you do. paying your dues is
something else. otherwise, it's the biggest
fucking waste of time on the planet.