March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
Scott Holstad
China Doll

her girlfriend of six years
broke up with her, so we
went out, my job to
comfort over lunch,
dinner, drinks.  she was
in agony.  one night in a
Beverly Hills restaurant,
after two bottles of merlot,
she confides that she –
this beautiful China doll –
had never been with
a man; and that she
had always found me
attractive.  later, as
we waited for the valet,
she leaned over and
kissed me, a slow,
lingering kiss that
made me quiver.
when we got back
to her place, we went
straight for the bedroom,
shedding clothes as we
walked.  afterward,
she remarked that
she couldn’t believe
a man would care
so much about
pleasing a woman.
she said she loved
me, but she couldn’t
date men, particularly
a married man like me.