October 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Five
Jason Heroux
The Leaves

The leaves dropped from the trees and scurried into the house
every time we opened the doors.  They seemed out of control.
We gave them each a name in order to boss them around,
but it didn’t work.  They started nibbling on everything,
and had brief, noisy sex with each other over twenty times a day.

They loved themselves to death, and even when they were dead
they kept scurrying around nibbling on things, eating through
furniture that was like a family to us.

We couldn’t sleep at night because of their noisy lovemaking.
I raked them into a pile in the living room
but that was a terrible mistake – it only made them stronger.
We started living outside in the yard
and it wasn’t so bad
lying on the grass below the bare trees staring up at the stars