July 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Four
Jonathan Hayes
Love on Market Street

It was time for dinner,
as I walked down Market Street
toward a burrito joint off of Sixth.

When I crossed Fifth,
my eyes made contact
with a young, beautiful blonde;
she gave me a million-dollar smile,
then handed me a red rose,
as we walked by each other
in the middle of the street.

Back on the sidewalk,
I looked at the red rose;
it was the most beautiful red rose
I ever saw.

And then I noticed
a heart drawn by someone
in blue magic marker
on the green tissue paper
it was wrapped in,
and below the heart it said,
"Pass it on."

So I started looking for girls
to pass it on to, but there
were only crackheads,
bums, and drug dealers
in front of the Warfield Theater.

On the other side of the street,
I saw a young woman
coming out of the Pearl Art store,
so I handed it to her.

Frightened, she jumped back
against the storeís front window
and said,

"Iíll pass."
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