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My Favorite Bullet accepts submissions year-round. Issues are published according to content, not deadline.

The guidelines are presented below.


Unless you’ve been submitting to nothing but digital-diaries and circle-jerks, the guidelines are pretty standard. If they seem to be stated harshly, please bear in mind that I can only say “please” so many times before I stop sounding like I take you seriously and simply sound like a please-machine. But c’mon, if you can’t stomach a few foundational guidelines, maybe you oughta pop off your red-ryder over at before skinning your smoke-wagon at the bullet. Haha. So–  

Submission Guidelines 2012

1.) The subject of your e-mail MUST be formatted “Submission MFB [Last Name]”
Please actually insert your own last name.
Easy, right? 

2.) Submit at least 3, but no more than 5 poems at a time.
Wait for a response before resubmitting.  

3.) Copy/Paste your work directly into the body of your e-mail.

Submissions with unsolicited attachments will be deleted without being read.

4.) No previously published work.

Please state explicitly in the introduction of your e-mail that the pieces you are submitting are unpublished.

This includes electronic self-publication such as
personal blogs and social network posting (ie:
FaceBook, MySpace, etc.) There are different
schools of thought on this concept, and valid
arguments to be made, but MFB falls decidedly
on the side of “public availability”
as “publication.”

Welcome to the digital frontier.
There really is no going back.

5.) No simultaneous submissions.

Please state explicitly in the introduction of your e-mail that the pieces you are submitting are not currently under consideration at any other publication.

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for a response.

6.) The work you submit must be your own.
MFB does not deal with friends, family, or agents.

If you legally represent a deceased author, please query.

Also understand that by submitting to MFB
your work will be digitally archived for as long as the archives remain available. Currently, the archives date back 13 years. (Imagine yourself a decade from now, and ask yourself if the poop-fetish poem you just wrote as an angry joke to your recent ex-boyfriend is something you really want your future employer to Google about you). Once your work has been published it will not be removed or altered. In the event of your death or incapacity, MFB will not honor the wishes of your friends, family, agent, or estate to remove or alter your work. The same way every physical copy of a print edition wouldn’t be recalled so that a single page may be removed, the digital page will be likewise respected.

MFB holds no copyright over individual work, all rights remain with the originating author. You are simply granting MFB these permissions for use, and hereby acknowledge this use by submitting.

7). Include your name as you want it to appear for publication, your general location, the titles of the poems you are submitting, and the disclaimers stated above (#4, #5) in your introduction. (See template below).

Anything else is optional. I don’t mind a friendly hello, but it’s all about the work– long lists of credits don’t impress me, nor do clever nit-witticisms about street-corner MFAs and back-seat PHDs. A bio is something I’ll request upon acceptance (as well as a photo and a homepage link if you have one) and will be included upon publication. It should reflect how you want to present yourself to a reader; my only concern is the strength of the submitted work.  

If this is getting confusing or if I’m simply starting to piss you off, you may use the following template
I won’t think any less of you (personally, I hate writing cover letters, I never know what to say).
Besides, these guidelines are starting to look like a bad game of
Uno on acid:

     [City, State (Country, etc.)]

     [Poem Title 1]
     [Poem Title 2]
     [Poem Title 3]
     [(Poem Title 4) optional]
     [(Poem Title 5) optional]

     These poems are unpublished and are currently not submitted to any other publication.

     {Copy/Paste poems into the body of the e-mail and send to:}

the SUBJECT of your e-mail MUST BE
Submission MFB [Last Name]

EXAMPLE: Submission MFB Bates
That's it.
Easy, right?

STRUCTURE (ABAB, etc) have never fared well
at MFB. Never, never, never. Not saying a few
haven’t slipped through the filter, or that a surprise
couplet here and there can’t be striking, but as
a general theme, MFB is seeking

Please, please– don’t be the podunk who thinks
your little rhyme poem is going to be “the one” that
either “makes it” or simply “amuses me.” 
It really is tiresome.
No fucking rhyming poems.

With that said,
thank you for trusting me with your work.
Whether your work is accepted or returned, each piece will be read in its entirety.
(Except the rhyme poems... I’m sorry, I can’t make it past the first stanzas).

Returning and Established Authors: you are being evaluated twice as meticulously– no cruising on your name.
Newbies: kick their ass– you know you can.

David p Bates
My Favorite Bullet