July 2004 / Volume Five / Issue Three / Online
Dan Gallik
The Ten Cubes Of Lifeís Dream

Linn sat there having her
morning coffee.  She was
stacking sugar cubes and
watching them tumble.  He
was still sleeping.  Linn

hadnít called her friend
Linda in awhile.  Jim was
working six days a week.
Ten hour days.  The kids
were on sleepovers and

Linn had not even called
mothers to see if the eves
went okay.  Linn heard Jim
fart in their bedroom near
the kitchen.  She also saw

that she had not put out
a thing to thaw for dinner.
The phone began to ring
and Linn allowed it to go
on and on to wake up Jim.

It did not.  It finally
stopped.  Linn then set a
personal record for stack-
ing ten cubes on top each
other.  She did not smile.