September 2004 / Volume Five / Issue Four
Joel Evard
We Traveled

We traveled the road of life using only alcoholic land marks
The vodka mountains, lake burbon, the shiner bock wild, wild life preserve
We went drink for drink, smoke for smoke and lie for lie
Emptying bottles and filling ashtrays to overflowing
Shots dropping like spent shells in some kind of gang-bang-drive-by-liquor-fueled-orgy
We searched for god in the bottom of every keg we could find
Swearing to each other that we'd find Him
If only we could

We smoked until every breath sounded like the last gasp of a busted accordion
And after killing the last pack
We dug in the ashtrays for enough tobacco to roll up a few more for the road
We defied gravity and state law
We went to the local police station and asked them to put us up for the night
I pissed myself trying to prove that i was in fact drunk AND disorderly
But they kicked us out anyway

We slept in all the ditches and under all the over passes from here to New York City
Blasted all the way

Hotels are for pussys and rehab is still for quitters

We practiced intellectual gorilla war-fare
Committed aural sex crimes
Unprotected verbal rape
Ejaculating THE WORD into every open ear we could find
Leaving even the unwilling impregnated with new ideas
We grudge fucked the world with our poetry
Daring them to fight the shame and self loathing they felt over their own stupidity
And report us to the authorities

We traveled the road of life

Trying to start a (evolution)