January 2005

Merry Xmas all. Hope you dig the new issue of MY FAVORITE BULLET- 36 poets  and over 50 poems.

     As many of you know, 2005 officially marks MFB's transition to a strictly-online format. No more waiting 3 months for the current issue to be archived, and more     elbow-room for yours truly-- I hate to pass on a good poem just because it won't       fit on the page.

     Special thanks to all the new and returning authors who have trusted me with     your work. You continue to push the standards of what I expect, and it is you who    make this mag what it is. As with all Small Press journals, MFB's goal is to be not    just a good read, but also a resource for anyone looking to find the best of today's    working poets.

     For those who haven't submitted yet-- get off yer ass and send me some stuff.

     The next issue is slated for MAY 2005, but could happen anytime, so keep coming back.

     INTERIOR NOISE PRESS still peddles print chaps. Contact me via e-mail for      order info. CLIFF COATS / REFUSING SILENCE is now available, and a new one     by LINDA WANDT will be released in the next month or so.

     Happy Holidays. Any questions or concerns-- comments, bad links, typos, etc. --   please feel free to contact me.

     Until next time-

David Bates
My Favorite Bullet