September 2004 / Volume Five / Issue Four
D.B. Cox
forever seventeen

on parade
in the old man’s
coupe deville
past the neon arcades

& curb service joints
strewn like endless options
along the friday-night

an unchained soul,
liberated by a slick v8,
& a dollars worth
of high-test –

25 cents a goddam gallon...

singing along
with the car radio;
the bobby fuller four –
“i fought the law, & the law won”

knowing if things get slow
there’s an all-night
pool game down
at the crossroads

a grudge match –
“fountain inn red” versus
the “left hand of god” –
jimmy hodges

no cover charge…

or i could
just pack it in,
head home & watch
the twilight zone

the one where
gig young walks
back in time
to his old home town

& gets the bum’s rush
from his own father…

yeah, just another
friday night
no hurry, no worry
like a rolling stone –

back when satisfaction
was a honky tonk
woman –  & time
was on my side…