July 2006/Volume Seven/Issue Two
Casandra Coin
Laughter is contagious
I am dying
To be your disease

There are arms to be entwined
Incidents to be explained

This is an emergency
A hapless series of limbs and grins
Hopeless understanding

We are a tangle
2 things caught
in a ridiculous mockery of life
Breathless and glowing

Incomparable beauty

Itís easy to fall short
Time and time again
When you love too hard
And hold back too long
Someone scars

Scars, unlike scabs
Donít disappear
They grow or fade
No matter
Someone hurts

Both are so easily picked
And ache for something
That something too much
Those things that make us think too much
And hold on so long

So we pick the scabs
And scratch hopefully and scabs
We learn to love
Hold onto dreams
And suffer with hope

There is pain we hold onto closely
And the pain inflicted
In either case
We suffer the wounds
And call them lessons

A myriad of questions
Tiny lies hidden in words
Emotional regurgitation
A stumble through a labyrinth
Mazes are complex, but intriguing
Too much to comprehend
While still beckoning with their beauty

Intensity becomes perception
Our hearts open and beg for more
Because it is human to love
The enlightenment and pain become our lives
Existence is a series of mistakes that rebuke regret