May 2004 / Volume Five / Issue Two
Casandra Coin
Agoraphobic Heart

Before I realize that Iím lonely,
my mouth opens.
Words stream forth
crowding the air that separates us
and flooding your ears.

Only 15 minutes,
I try to cram it in Ė
a week of events
a lifetime of love and fear.

once like saffron,
devours me.
Until itís broken,
I forget to miss your voice.

hoarding this resonating comfort,
I ramble
and neglect to hear.

Our city.
Too quickly inherited and
My city.
Always two steps behind,
I chase your shadow.
I grasp street corners
crowded with empty faces.

I flee down trash-filled alleys
grabbing only air
full of your fading scent.
Itís enough to remind me
that I am alone.