March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
J.J. Campbell
i'm a drooler

and by sometimes
i mean very, very,
very rarely

i'll use the jerk off towel
from the floor to wipe
the morning drool from my
face in one of those classic
half sleep/half awake
oh, so this is why you
sleep alone moments

from the look on
your face i suppose
the very, very, very
rarely part isn't that
important now

well, excuse me
for being a drooler

perhaps you would like
me to wear my soggy face
around the city as a
symbol of pride for
other droolers in
the world

oh, just go down and
wipe it off in the bathroom

yeah, i guess that makes
sense once i get my brain
out of the hey jackass,
there's a towel right there
on the floor phase

thanks for the
suggestion though