January 2006 /Volume Seven / Issue One
John Bryan
New Years' Eve Food 1999: the tooth.

Ingredients: The tooth, from the family Spinosauridae, the suborder Theropoda, the order Saurischia, belongs to Spinosaurus of Taouz, Morocco. At 75 - 100 million years old, you should be able to pick one up from your local dinosaur museum gift shop for $20. Your typical carnivorous carnosaur, except for greatly enlarged neural spines.

To prepare: Take tooth out of packaging and batter on food board with hard implement, pressing down on tooth with knife for instance until ground to powder. Incidently, a cheesegrater will also do nicely, just be careful the tips of your fingers do not get bitten. Transfer the contents into a cup and fill one fifth full to form a paste. (You can skip this part if you like and instead line the powder up on the board to sniff, although I like the traditional serving suggestion myself).

Serving: Once you have successfully formed your paste, drink the rich and earthy contents. I believe that at least once in everyone's life they should try dinosaur.