January 2006 /Volume Seven / Issue One
Mike Boyle
The history of the world

"good, yes, you've done well; here is a small prize."
- Gang of Fou

after all the howling is done
the machine still screams.
the machine is commerce &
family & layers of guilt & the dead.
it's high schools & cunt juice &
asphalt & boxers & soldiers &
it's here under the talk. we

don't get along. the phone rings
& people come over, drink & talk
& i look at them, look at them
look at them. they bring dvd's but
i don't have a dvd player. they look
at me. well, no. call for pizza. i

have beer. you have beer & no
dvd player? yes. well. we have
been piling down to the bar for
decades, the world is bars &
churches, astroturf & factories.
it's the leach-woman sitting on

some hill in sullivan co curling
rocks through her fingers.