March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
Andy Berry
Sealed for Your Protection

I think I'll go down to the store today
          And get myself some thought
I've got a coupon you know
          2 fer 1 sale on prepackaged ideas
it comes in a box shrink-wrapped in sterile plastic
          to protect you from the tampering
                     of intellectual criminals

oh! Whats this? Someone left a box of self-confidence
           in the free sample bin by mistake

so maybe I'll just pick this up and walk out
          with some free thought
and in the process of paying for my groceries
the capitalist pig at the register notices the odd bulge in my coat
           she says "you gonna pay for that?"

No way man! This is my free thought
           and im gonna put it in the fridge of my mind
                      and forget about it!

Let it rot like a bad cabbage
And the next time someone questions my intentions
           They can take a whiff of moldy individualism
                      And just get sick for all I care.