March 2005 / Volume VI / Issue II
Andy Berry
Dr Strangelove Stole My Pants

A forever corndog
     Covered in cheeze
Lies on the tablecloth of mediocracy

So like a fish to a bicycle
     That sticky quilt we call love blankets the earth
          With a heart as warm as bathwater

Chocolate mint cookie flowers leave trails of plaid bubbles down the train
As heironymous bosch demons transform disneyland into something
     more tolerable

Now when I look up, the sky is magical fantastical paisley swirl
     And raining down is beans and rice

So with giant nose goblins chasing me thru town
I've come to realise lately that the moon is not filled
     With green jell-o

But perhaps abe lincoln's head is filled with popcorn
But you have to get past the guy driving a sausage
     Backwards down a one-way street…..the wrong way
How does that work?

Sock puppet dog singing on late-nite tee-vee
     Sound into spirit point of light emanating
From top right ceiling corner where the 3 planes meet for conversation
     About universe meditation meaning of life and earthly mysticism

And it doesn’t matter if you compare bananas to corn flakes
Because it just don’t add up to a hill o toast in this crazy mixed up world

You aint from around here, are ya?