October 2005 / Volume Six / Issue Five
James Babbs
Dream #120

I enter the large house
because Iím drawn to
this room where I find
my dead father
alive and well sitting in
his favorite chair at
the kitchen table smiling
when he sees me and
waving me over to the chair
across from him where
I sit down and
my father tells me
heís been waiting
for me to arrive but
when I start to protest
that I donít belong here
my father raises
his hand to silence me
before he smiles and says
letís eat first
then we can
talk about it and
the waitress appears
from out of nowhere
and my father orders
for both of us and
when the waitress leaves
I watch her
walk away as
my father gazes at me
saying donít worry
I know what you
like to eat