September 2004 / Volume Five / Issue Four
Shane Allison

I was rummaging through some old boxes
& Found a folder with six Polaroid’s of my dick.
I had forgotten all about these things.
Thought I had given

Them to my friend, David in San Marcos Texas.
I think he jacks-off to them ‘cuz lately, his cards & letters have been
Running over with questions like: What do you enjoy doing sexually with your partner?
Are you the jealous type?
Are you always loaded w/ creamy, hot, & sticky cum?

He changes lovers more than movie stars
& Always tells me he’s planning on running off with them
Into the sunset of some new state & getting married.
The boy’s livin' in a damn dream world where

Same sex marriage is legal & boyfriends are sold in stores like puppies.
He gives me his phone number in every letter but I never call.
He just wants me to talk dirty, explain what I would do to him
If we were in his bed while his mother & grandmother were

In the next room. He really wishes I were
Ricky Martin w/ perfect hair & a jiggling bon-bon
Riding into his driveway on a white horse grabbing him by his
Shirt collar, throwing him like a dead body over the horse’s ass

& Gallop off to the nearest five star motel.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a shrine of cockshots
From other friends. Some probably stuck together
With his Latino cum.

So you want some photos of my cock?
I have more than I know what to do with
& I would hate to throw them away.
I’m thinking of selling a few to a gay porn magazine.