October 2008 / Volume 8 / Issue Three
Carl Miller Daniels

mistakes were made.
demerits were handed out.
bad grades were given.
boy butts were bared and spanked.
there was an atmosphere of sparks and
plumes of cum jetted through the
night air.
restlessness spoke
in muffled voices, smoked furtive cigarettes,
sneaked a bit of booze.
sometimes companionship looked more
like love than self-preservation.
corporeality was not without its rewards,
naked there among the boulders, hiding
from the powers that inflicted
lessons, lectures, books, and
pre-set computer screens.
when dicks were bared, and
cum allowed its natural channels
of flow, talk was barely necessary,
though the use of dirty words was
found to enhance the whole experience.
back in the classrooms,
more demerits were handed out,
more bad grades were given, and
more boy butts were bared and spanked.
anyone even smirked, well,
it was chaucer for them, and
lots of it. shakespeare was administered
the severest situations,
and was found to elicit the
most nausea, and therefore,
it was thought,
the best hope of
mike played the clarinet.
and glen practiced al.