January 2008 / Volume Eight / Issue One
Paul Rogalus
Lori with an i

The last time I went
to Catholic church—
it was a long time ago—
and I was with
my then-girlfriend
(Lori with an “I”—
and a little heart
for the dot over the “i”—

The smell of Noxzema
and baby powder
was everywhere.
It made me sick.
Lori liked to cuddle—
even in church—
and she used to fix my hair
and pick pieces of lint
off of my sweater—
everywhere we were—
even in church.

The last time I went
to Catholic church,
I got really claustrophobic—
I felt like the room
was full of bats.
But really,
it was just full of Lori’s
with little hearts
over their eyes).